Advantages and Disadvantages of LPG Conversion

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Main advantage of LPG over traditional forms of automobile fuels

The simple reasons why LPG and for that matter CNG is being considered as the next most viable and commercially sustainable forms of fuel to run your average automobile is that they are cleaner and are thereby eco-friendly.

Until and unless the time some one invents a catalyst that can simply split the composites of water into hydrogen and oxygen and thereby providing the cleanest and the purest form of fuel energy we will have to make do with something that is the next best both in terms of environmentally clean and commercially viable energy.LPG Conversion

Composition of and availability of LPG

LPG is composed of butane and propane which more combustion friendly in the sense that it burns uniformly and reaches the combustion chamber in a much purer form, than both the common petrol and diesel fuels and also the other competitor CNG. Unlike in CNG, LPG does not reduce the efficiency of the engine functionalities.

LPG being a hydro carbon fuel is readily available because it is a by product of the oil and natural gas production process. Since it burns more efficiently and reaches the internal combustion chamber in a much purer form it produces a lot less Sulphur and metallic pollutants.

Alterations to your vehicle

Converting an automobile into a LPG system by retro fitting it with the conversion kit also allows the car to act as a duel fuel system, that means it continues to retain it’s old fuel injection system plus the new LPG system. Thereby giving the automobile more options to choose from when it is traveling in an area with few or no LPG refilling centers.

In converted vehicles we have both the older Petrol mechanism and the built on LPG systems. In order to switch between the two systems the retro fitting company would also install a switch on the dash board that will allow you to choose which fuel to use.

A converted vehicle will usually have the LPG tank placed in the boot of the vehicle. In small cars like the Maruti 800 or Alto this means a reasonable amount of boot space which is dedicated for the LPG tank. Since the Bureau of Indian Standards makes it mandatory to have the tank placed permanently using metal straps it is imperative that a space is allotted to the LPG tank. That means lost boot space.

Vehicle owners with small sized cars can opt for tanks with smaller capacity. Smaller tanks such as of the size of 30 Ltrs are also available, but still this is a compromise because boot space is lost.

Availability of Filling stations in India

The unavailability of filling stations in all parts of the country especially in the interiors of the country is a source of major head ache for the consumers who do opt to use this cleaner environment friendly fuel. Thus you are limited at times when you wish LPG over a long ride.

However that being said, things are improving and filling stations are coming up slowly and steadily. Still things are better in places like Delhi NCR, Gujarat and Mumbai where filling stations are available. For people who like to hit the road and travel long distances in their cars, LPG is certainly not the right choice. LPG is more suitable for city rides only where the next filling station is within a 1 km radius.

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