Top Ten Uses of LPG

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LPG which is otherwise known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas, has many industrial as well as domestic uses. It can even be identified to some rare and unusual uses. Let us see the top ten uses of LPG or what we also know as Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

1) The top most use of LPG is to use as the main fuel for vehicles. It burns better than diesel or petrol and hence, the top most use for LPG is to use it as ignition fuel. It is also more energy efficient and is said to leave lesser damaging impact on the atmosphere and the environment.

Top Ten Uses of LPG 2) LPG is also popularly used as a refrigerant. Since butane and propane are both considered to be energy efficient, LPG serves as a great hydrocarbon.

3) LPG is also used as a chemical feedstock.

4) Apart from being used as a motor fuel, it is also a great feul used for other purposes.

5) LPG is also used for agricultural purposes in drying processes.

6) As a great industrial fuel, LPG is also used in solution heating processes.

7) The other main use of LPG is as domestic fuel or what we know as cooking fuel. LPG gas is a combination of propane and butane. Even these individual components have many domestic uses. Like propane is used in portable stoves as well as barbeques and butane is used in deodorants and even gas lighters used to light gas ovens in the kitchens and even cigarattes.

8) LPG is also used in centralised heating solutions both for domestic as well as industrial premises. You will find it being used in carbon-based home heating solutions. Not to forget that it is also found to be used in commercial heating processes.

9) The paper industry as well as the food processing industry is also one of the top most industries which rely heavily on LPG. It has also a major role in the plastic industry and is even used in making explosives.

10) LPG is also used to produce electrical energy by running turbines. \

Domestic Uses of LPG

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LPG’s domestic uses can never be ignored. It has played a revolutionary role when it comes to changing the face of domestic fuels used for heating and cooking.

· There are still many rural areas where they have no access to a central gas pipeline or a gas network. These areas and even many in the urban sectors are using LPG as an alternative source of fuel. The main reason behind this is easy accessibility, low cost per unit and the environment friendly properties of LPG.

· The main domestic uses of LPG are with respect to lighting, refrigeration, cooking and most of all heating. It is as good for powering standalone stoves and huge cooking stoves. It has been found to be cost effective and hence is used in large scale cooking also.

· Domestic uses of LPG cannot ignore its use in the fuelling of domestic vehicles.

Domestic Uses of LPG · LPG is also used as a backup at places where people rely on solar energy. It has so happened that at times, due to lack of sunlight or during the cold season, renewable sources of energy like sunlight have not been helpful. In these cases, LPG is used as a standby or secondary source of fuel.

· Other household or domestic uses of LPG include water heaters, dishwashers, space heaters and even incinerators.

· Barbeques as well as patio heaters have also relied heavily on Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

· Since it is considered to be eco-friendly, LPG is also used to run generators. It is considered safe enough to be used even in closed spaces.

· One main reason behind LPG being a popular choice of fuel in domestic uses is that it promises a low level of fuel consumption. LPG equipments do not demand high maintenance and it also has a narrow range with respect to flammability.

With multiple advantages, LPG has seen a wide growth when it comes to domestic uses. With time, there have been more in-depth studies as to how the use of LPG gas can be increased with respect to domestic purposes.

Commercial Uses of LPG

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LPG’s commercial uses are far and varied. Let us start with some of the simpler ones.

· It is a great fuel which can be used in metal cutting since it provides cleaner cuts due to stable high temperature.

· When it comes to industrial processing, it is used for drying processes as well as curing tea leaves and fibre glass. It is a great component to use in drying processes which need a controlled environment as speed.

· LPG is used in many industries like-

a) Food Processing- Mainly used in bakeries, since LPG does not pose a risk of contamination, it is used in the making of chips and biscuits.

Commercial Uses of LPG b) It is also used in the metallurgical industry where the heat treatments are preferably conducted in a controlled atmosphere. It is flexible in use and also offers comparably lower maintenance costs.

c) LPG is also used in the sanitary ware industries. Apart from this, it is also used in pottery and ceramic tiles industries. It is easily controllable and offers a cleaner combustion.

d) When it comes to the textile industry, it requires many energy consuming processes and LPG is always preferred to be used for such processes.

e) Since LPG is lead free and soot free, it is also considered good enough to be used in thermal engine trucks and for forklifting jobs.

f) LPG is also used in the processes related to chemical engineering.

· LPG is also found to be used in certain fabrication processes and in aerosol cartridges as a propellant.

· LPG is also used majorly in industrial and agriculutural vehicles. It causes less engine corrosion and hence has become a popular choice in certain other industrial processes.

This list of industrial uses of LPG is not an exhaustive one. There is constant research in this field, where LPG is considered to be a highly promising fuel to be used in industrial processes. It is also because LPG can also serve as a backup source of energy in relation to renewable energy sources like sunlight, etc.

Commercial Uses of LPG

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LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas has become the most preferred fuel when it comes to domestic and certain industrial uses. There are many advantages which can be associated with LPG. Let us discuss some here:

1) The most important advantage of using LPG is its effect on the environment. It is certainly a more environment friendly way and this is also another reason why many Asian Countries are also switching to LPG run cars and other vehicles.

2) LPG offers clean burning and this is also another reason why it is not very detrimental to the atmosphere in comparison to other fuels.

3) LPG equipments and burners do not demand a high maintenance because the burners have a longer life due to no soot deposits.

Commercial Uses of LPG 4) LPG is also considered highly efficient in comparison to many other fuels. It is good to be used in direct firing system.

5) LPG provides instant heat and is ideal when you require faster warm up or cooling down in any process.

6) With usage of LPG, corrosion effects are also reduced to a great extent.

7) Using LPG also avoids the parts of the equipments to get decarborised. At the same time, it also avoids scaling to a large extent.

8) The flame temperature resultant from LPG is instantly controllable and this is what is required when it comes to domestic uses of LPG.

9) LPG is even found to be better than petrol. This is so because LPG reaches the vehicle engine in its gaseous form and hence, improves combustion.

10) The LPG resulted exhaust emissions are less harmful and so today, more and more vehicles are found to be converting to this fuel.

11) LPG autogas also helps by reducing the engine noise.

12) Since LPG can be offered in both gaseous as well as liquid state, it can easily be stored in cylinders as well as bulk tanks, depending on its uses.

13) LPG is indeed a greener and cleaner fuel since it has a low carbon content.

14) Since LPG id not found to be water soluble, even if it releases from the tank, it cannot pollute underground water or soil.

All in all, there are multiple benefits of using LPG. Some are environmental benefits, some technological, while some are cost related. LPG costs are almost half that of petrol. Again, LPG is said to produce lesser hydrocarbons, Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and CO2.

Lpg as a Cooking Fuel

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LPG is a gas at normal temperature and pressure. The gas is compressed into a liquid by application of moderate pressure. This action of applying pressure reduces the volume by approximately 240 times.

Lpg as a Cooking Fuel When the pressure is released, which is done by opening the cylinder valve, the liquid immediately becomes gas. The 2001 census of India mentions that 17.5% of Indian households or 33.6 million Indian households use LPG as cooking fuel.

Of this number, 76.64% of such households were from urban India making up 48% of urban Indian households as compared to a usage of 5.7% only in rural Indian households. LPG is heavily subsidized by the government of India. The appliance that run on LPG are highly efficient. LPG is very clean gas and is also quick, convenient and safe.

It is cheaper than most other fuels except perhaps kerosene but it does greatly outweigh the marginal extra cost. It is delivered by gas agency directly at home.