Commercial Uses of LPG

LPG’s commercial uses are far and varied. Let us start with some of the simpler ones.

· It is a great fuel which can be used in metal cutting since it provides cleaner cuts due to stable high temperature.

· When it comes to industrial processing, it is used for drying processes as well as curing tea leaves and fibre glass. It is a great component to use in drying processes which need a controlled environment as speed.

· LPG is used in many industries like-

a) Food Processing- Mainly used in bakeries, since LPG does not pose a risk of contamination, it is used in the making of chips and biscuits.

Commercial Uses of LPG b) It is also used in the metallurgical industry where the heat treatments are preferably conducted in a controlled atmosphere. It is flexible in use and also offers comparably lower maintenance costs.

c) LPG is also used in the sanitary ware industries. Apart from this, it is also used in pottery and ceramic tiles industries. It is easily controllable and offers a cleaner combustion.

d) When it comes to the textile industry, it requires many energy consuming processes and LPG is always preferred to be used for such processes.

e) Since LPG is lead free and soot free, it is also considered good enough to be used in thermal engine trucks and for forklifting jobs.

f) LPG is also used in the processes related to chemical engineering.

· LPG is also found to be used in certain fabrication processes and in aerosol cartridges as a propellant.

· LPG is also used majorly in industrial and agriculutural vehicles. It causes less engine corrosion and hence has become a popular choice in certain other industrial processes.

This list of industrial uses of LPG is not an exhaustive one. There is constant research in this field, where LPG is considered to be a highly promising fuel to be used in industrial processes. It is also because LPG can also serve as a backup source of energy in relation to renewable energy sources like sunlight, etc.

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