Commercial Uses of LPG

LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas has become the most preferred fuel when it comes to domestic and certain industrial uses. There are many advantages which can be associated with LPG. Let us discuss some here:

1) The most important advantage of using LPG is its effect on the environment. It is certainly a more environment friendly way and this is also another reason why many Asian Countries are also switching to LPG run cars and other vehicles.

2) LPG offers clean burning and this is also another reason why it is not very detrimental to the atmosphere in comparison to other fuels.

3) LPG equipments and burners do not demand a high maintenance because the burners have a longer life due to no soot deposits.

Commercial Uses of LPG 4) LPG is also considered highly efficient in comparison to many other fuels. It is good to be used in direct firing system.

5) LPG provides instant heat and is ideal when you require faster warm up or cooling down in any process.

6) With usage of LPG, corrosion effects are also reduced to a great extent.

7) Using LPG also avoids the parts of the equipments to get decarborised. At the same time, it also avoids scaling to a large extent.

8) The flame temperature resultant from LPG is instantly controllable and this is what is required when it comes to domestic uses of LPG.

9) LPG is even found to be better than petrol. This is so because LPG reaches the vehicle engine in its gaseous form and hence, improves combustion.

10) The LPG resulted exhaust emissions are less harmful and so today, more and more vehicles are found to be converting to this fuel.

11) LPG autogas also helps by reducing the engine noise.

12) Since LPG can be offered in both gaseous as well as liquid state, it can easily be stored in cylinders as well as bulk tanks, depending on its uses.

13) LPG is indeed a greener and cleaner fuel since it has a low carbon content.

14) Since LPG id not found to be water soluble, even if it releases from the tank, it cannot pollute underground water or soil.

All in all, there are multiple benefits of using LPG. Some are environmental benefits, some technological, while some are cost related. LPG costs are almost half that of petrol. Again, LPG is said to produce lesser hydrocarbons, Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and CO2.

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