Domestic Uses of LPG

LPG’s domestic uses can never be ignored. It has played a revolutionary role when it comes to changing the face of domestic fuels used for heating and cooking.

· There are still many rural areas where they have no access to a central gas pipeline or a gas network. These areas and even many in the urban sectors are using LPG as an alternative source of fuel. The main reason behind this is easy accessibility, low cost per unit and the environment friendly properties of LPG.

· The main domestic uses of LPG are with respect to lighting, refrigeration, cooking and most of all heating. It is as good for powering standalone stoves and huge cooking stoves. It has been found to be cost effective and hence is used in large scale cooking also.

· Domestic uses of LPG cannot ignore its use in the fuelling of domestic vehicles.

Domestic Uses of LPG · LPG is also used as a backup at places where people rely on solar energy. It has so happened that at times, due to lack of sunlight or during the cold season, renewable sources of energy like sunlight have not been helpful. In these cases, LPG is used as a standby or secondary source of fuel.

· Other household or domestic uses of LPG include water heaters, dishwashers, space heaters and even incinerators.

· Barbeques as well as patio heaters have also relied heavily on Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

· Since it is considered to be eco-friendly, LPG is also used to run generators. It is considered safe enough to be used even in closed spaces.

· One main reason behind LPG being a popular choice of fuel in domestic uses is that it promises a low level of fuel consumption. LPG equipments do not demand high maintenance and it also has a narrow range with respect to flammability.

With multiple advantages, LPG has seen a wide growth when it comes to domestic uses. With time, there have been more in-depth studies as to how the use of LPG gas can be increased with respect to domestic purposes.

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