Lpg as a Cooking Fuel

January 3rd, 2011 No Comments »

LPG is a gas at normal temperature and pressure. The gas is compressed into a liquid by application of moderate pressure. This action of applying pressure reduces the volume by approximately 240 times.

Lpg as a Cooking Fuel When the pressure is released, which is done by opening the cylinder valve, the liquid immediately becomes gas. The 2001 census of India mentions that 17.5% of Indian households or 33.6 million Indian households use LPG as cooking fuel.

Of this number, 76.64% of such households were from urban India making up 48% of urban Indian households as compared to a usage of 5.7% only in rural Indian households. LPG is heavily subsidized by the government of India. The appliance that run on LPG are highly efficient. LPG is very clean gas and is also quick, convenient and safe.

It is cheaper than most other fuels except perhaps kerosene but it does greatly outweigh the marginal extra cost. It is delivered by gas agency directly at home.