How to search for LPG Filling Stations

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Availability of filling stations

One of the major obstacles to the conversion of your Petrol / Diesel based vehicle into LPG system / duel / mono fuel systems is the unavailability of filling stations in all parts of the country especially in the interiors of the country. This is a major source of head ache for the consumers who do opt to use this cleaner environment friendly fuel for long drives. LPG Filling Stations

The situation is marginally better in places like Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Gujarat where LPG filling stations are bit more in numbers. However that being said, things are improving and filling stations are coming up slowly and steadily. For people who likes long drives, LPG is certainly not the right choice yet. LPG is more suitable for city rides only where the next filling station is within a 1 km radius.

Efforts of major oil corporations

Major oil corporations in India are expediting the set of Autogas Dispensing Stations. Indian Oil Corporation for their part has already set up Autogas dispensing stations in over 138 major cities across the country to dispense Autogas.

Currently there are more than 254 Autogas dispending stations which have the commissioned equipments and manpower to dispense Autogas. More are due to up in a short time. Bases on demands the company is planning to set up more as required.

In terms of commercial viability LPG scores over both Petrol and CNG. LPG is easily transferable and can be stored in stand alone infrastructure. The storage and dispensing equipments can be easily operated. In most European countries LPG costs cheapest compared to CNG and Petrol. Unlike in CNG where costly pipes are to be fitted to transfer the gas; this is not the case with LPG.

Upcoming Dipensing Stations

Plans for new refilling stations are being declared and inaugurated in various parts of the country often with the initiate of the government. Like in October 2010, the government of West Bengal has declared eight new refilling stations to come up in Kolkata. Out of these, two are to come up in the North of the city. The government has already had talks with the major old corporations in the country in this regard.

Commercial vehicles across India often complain that they have to travel long distances to refill because of the unavailability of refilling centers nearer. The West Bengal government has taken a positive step in this regard to reduce the gap between demand and availability of these refilling stations.

Advantages of using LPG

LPG significantly scores over traditional sources of fuel. It is both eco-friendly and at the same time considerably cheaper than traditional automobile fuels. Automobile manufacturers of the modern world have created a modern automobile engine that is extremely efficient. However they have failed miserably in terms of creating something that can reduce the emission that is created by the running of their vehicles.

The catalytic converters that they use in their vehicles does reduce the emission to an extent however the platinum used to create them destroys the environment thereby creating a net zero effect on the environment.