LPG and General Safety

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LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is not only used for domestic purposes, its use in the industrial and commercial sectors is also increasing with each passing day. The industries where LPG is employed for certain processes should ensure that there are proper precautionary and safety measures taken in order to avoid disasters as a result of wrong handling of LPG.

· First and foremost, domestic LPG cylinders should not be used for commercial purposes. This is a point which many people ignore and then some have to pay heavily in terms of accidents or damage caused due to the wrong usage.

· Industrial organisations as well as restaurants which use LPG should educate its employees with respect to LPG handling as well as safety norms. This would ensure that there are no accidents caused due to sheer ignorance or carelessness.

· People who use LPG commercially should take the following precautionary measures:

LPG and General Safety 1. They should use LPG in accordance with the government norms and proper approvals as well as licences.

2. Only people who are trained as well as authorized for the tasks should be allowed to handle the LPG and related equipment.

3. When the LPG cylinders are delivered, care should be taken to see that they are in proper condition before receiving them. Also, they should be stored in the safest possible manner. They should be kept away from heat and direct sunlight.

4. Cylinders should not be used in horizontal positions.

5. All the LPG and gas equipments should undergo regular supervision, checks and maintenance.

6. One way to avoid major disasters is to use alarms which are sensitive enough to set-off even when they detect the slightest trace of carbon monoxide in the air. Such alarms help you to ascertain leaks and also nudge you to take damage control methods soon enough.

7. The LPG supplier or distributor should always be contacted when you feel there are any issues with regard to the LPG cylinders or tanks. Even when you feel you need to examine the equipments and storage cylinders, you should rely on your supplier to deal with the issue and not depend on any third party.

With simple measures like these, you can use LPG safely even in your commercial and industrial establishments.