Lpg Conversions

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Many of the unleaded petrol engine vehicles can be converted to run on auto gas. The cost that you will incur in the recoupling can be covered in two years. Auto gas is the term used generally for Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), when it is used for the propulsion of the road vehicles. When compared to the petrol, petrol has high-octane content. The calorific value of LPG is higher due to which the power generated is higher compared to petrol. This implies that one litre of LPG will produce more energy than similar quantity of petrol. The use of LPG instead of petrol will not create carbon deposit inside the engine due to which engine life becomes longer.

Lpg Conversions LPG certainly has certain competitive advantages over the other commonly used automotive fuels. The smoother combustion of auto gas results in higher-octane content. Unlike other fuels, no additives are required. Auto gas contains no lead and is therefore much cleaner. It is much better than petrol because the LPG reaches the engine in pure gas form which in turn results in better combustion. By the use of LPG, life of the engine is extended. This is because of the absence of acids and carbon deposits. The engine oil does not become diluted and thereby reducing the servicing cost. The other advantage is that there are no starting problems unlike diesel. Engine performance is almost same as like petrol.

There is no pilfering and is even much safer than petrol.
Petrol can easily be adulterated with kerosene and malpractice’s are possible in quantity, where as in L.P.G. adulteration is very difficult while on the other hand petrol can be easily adulterated and malpractice is possible.LPG is being used as alternative automobile fuel for more than 45 years in Europe. A wide range of manufacturers such as American car companies like Ford, General Motors and Daimler-Chrysler are offering propane-powered options on some models.
Typically, you won’t find these cars on the showroom floor — they have to be special ordered.