LPG Conversion and LPG Kits

January 5th, 2011 No Comments »

With fuel prices like diesel and petrol perennially on a rise, many people have started recognizing the benefits of LPG as an alternate source for car fuels. In some places of the world, it is considered to be the third most important transportation fuel. LPG conversions have many advantages and the top most advantage is of course, saving costs. Also, LPG does not contain any lead or carbon deposit and hence, it is not as harmful as petrol or diesel when it comes to the environment.

LPG Conversion and LPG Kits LPG kits or conversion kits have also become popular today amongst people who want to switch to using LPG instead of petrol or diesel. An LPG conversion kit is made up of mostly aluminium alloy which makes it sturdy and durable. Many LPG providers and suppliers also offer these conversion kits at competitive prices. They offer their expert know-how and services also.

The main components of an LPG kit are a vacuum reducer, a solenoid, change-over switch, emulator, electronic reducer, vertical drain system, valves and gauges. The change-over switches are available in attractive shapes since they are visible on the dash board of the car. The switch helps you to run the car on the two modes, petrol/diesel and gas mode. The solenoids are magnetic valves and are generally made up of brass.

Presently, there are many automobile companies which offer vehicles that run on both petrol/diesel as well as LPG. These are known as duo or dual-fuelled cars or vehicles. Such vehicles contain switches which allow manual conversion from LPG to petrol and vice-versa. Most countries still do not have companies which offer vehicles that run solely on LPG power.

With the right LPG kit, there should be no problem in the conversion process and car owners do not find any difficulty in maintaining such vehicles. For those who want to make the most of LPG fuel, should opt for high quality conversion kits that deliver high performance as well as demand low maintenance. You should opt for LPG kits which are manufactured under strict quality controls or have the ISO certification.