Prices of LPG

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Running costs of LPG vehicles

One of the important factors to be considered while decided whether to retro fit your automobile using LPG kit or not is the running cost for a LPG vehicle. While performance wise there is not much difference between a normal petrol or diesel vehicle and that of a LPG powered vehicle, the running costs are significantly different.

Normally if 1 liter of petrol gives a mileage of 18 KMs, LPG will provide a mileage of 16 KMs. However, on average the cost of LPG is 30% – 35% cheaper compared to Petrol. Thus for every KM it gives a savings of 22%. A significant amount if you are commuting a fair amount of KMs everyday. LPG Gas Cylinder

Conversion costs

Another important factor for conversion to LPG is the conversion costs itself. Normally it takes about Rs.18,000 to 24,000 for the conversion of Petrol to duel fuel systems. Given you are driving on an average 50 KMs a day.

Recovery of retro-fitment costs

Depending upon how much you travel a day, you can recover the costs of retro fitting your car in 2 to 3 years. Thus although there is a hefty amount to convert to a duel fuel system, the running costs and thus savings is significant. If you are driving for a significant amount of distance each day it makes sense to convert.

Factory fitted LPG kits

Some car manufacturers are also providing cars with factory fitted LPG kits which costs a little more. Thus it is the same type of discussion if you are choosing between either petrol or diesel car. However depending upon the availability of LPG filling stations these cars are mostly available in the state of Gujarat, city of Mumbai and the Delhi NCR regions.

The main problem of converting into and then solely driving on LPG fuel is the non availability of filling stations in the country. Still now the consumers in the country are in a state of approval or deny and as such filling stations are a reflection of the state of demand for them.

However having said that steps are being taken to narrow the gap between the demand and that of the current availability of filling stations in India especially in the remote areas of the country filling stations are few and far between. So unless you are prepared to use ‘non green’ fuels along with the comparatively ‘greener’ fuel, you will be stuck in a long ride.

Based upon these current facts LPG is usually best if you are only going to drive your vehicle inside the city. The availability of filling stations for obvious reasons is more inside the city.

It is also viable for commercial vehicle owners to drive their vehicles inside the city and thus convert to LPG because the running costs are significantly lower compared to Petrol or Diesel. As they run hundreds of KMs each day, commercial vehicle owners find it better and cheaper and can recover the costs of conversion as well earlier than private vehicle owners.

Overall based upon the stringent safety measures that go into making a LPG kit and tank plus the inherent savings plus the positive impact that the whole system brings to the environment LPG is certainly the way to go and positive start has been made in adopting this new source of fuel for automobiles.