Disadvantages of LPG Uses

January 5th, 2011 No Comments »

LPG is said to have some properties which makes it dangerous to handle it. Although the advantages of using LPG far outweigh the disadvantages, it always helps to know how LPG usage can also cause some disadvantages.

The main disadvantage associated with the usage of LPG is to do with the storage and safety. To store LPG, you require very sturdy tanks and cylinders. The gas has to be kept pressurized to accommodate it in 274tines lesser space. This can also be perceived by the number of cases LPG cylinders have exploded and resulted in serious damages to lives and property.

In colder climates or conditions, there is a known problem related to starting due to the low vapour pressure of propane. This is known to happen in conditions with sub 32 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures.

LPG is also known to be more expensive than CNG or gasoline.

Disadvantages of LPG Uses When it comes to using LPG in vehicles, it is known to shorten the life of an engine. This is due to the fact that LPG lacks combustive properties with lead and lead substitutes. Also, LPG is not safe to be used in vehicles running or plying on rough terrains and mountain roads. An LPG run car is less powerful than the car which uses diesel or petrol, since LPG is known to have low energy density.

Also, with time, it has been noticed in some Asian countries that as LPG uses have gained popularity, the prices have also been increased. The initial installation fees with respect to equipments and an LPG connection for domestic uses is also priced higher. But yes, LPG is far much cheaper in the long run.

LPG boilers and gas stoves also need regular maintenance to ensure that they are running efficiently. Also, there has to be increased awareness yet to be created with regard to safe storage of LPG cylinders in domestic properties.

Today, LPG fitted cars are very common in countries like Italy, Japan, Austria and Canada. But still, when you compare this usage to petrol or even gasoline, LPG is way down the number chart since it is not easily available in many parts of the world. Also, many people feel that the initial cost of conversion for switching to LPG fuel is very high with respect to domestic vehicles. It leaves lesser boot space in the cars.

Since LPG is highly inflammable, it is potentially very hazardous. It also damages valves of the vehicles. Transporting LPG is also not very easy.